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This website is primarily dedicated to providing information about myself as a professional musician. However, in this section I would like to share a little bit about myself; the man off stage if you will. Singing Opera is of course a major part of my life, but there is so much more behind the scenes. So here we go...

I was born in Toronto, and raised by my parents in Niagara Falls Ontario. The eldest of four boys, we had a busy household growing up, and I am happy to say I still enjoy a very close relationship with all my siblings. At an early age my parents introduced me to music as a means to cope with social anxiety. Singing with the Niagara Children's Chorus sparked a love of classical music that continues to grow today.

David Diston Baritone

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David Diston Baritone Count Almaviva

Upon entering High School, music began to take a back seat in my life. Typical of many young men my interests quickly turned to athletics, leaving little time to practice Singing and Piano. While I kept up my vocal lessons with Sandra Mason as a casual hobby, most of my time was spent rowing, cross county running, and swimming. Swimming especially became a major focus when I joined the Brock Niagara Aquatics team and began competing provincially.

My academic interests also strayed from music during my teenage years. Much of my family comes from a medical background, and I saw myself following in their footsteps. I showed an aptitude for maths and sciences, and had a keen interest in Biology and Physics. I set my sights accordingly, applying to post-secondary health sciences programs, with the goal of a career in Radiology.

While studying Health Sciences at Brock University, I had a hard time paring down my diverse interests into a singe field of study. Over five years, in addition to Health Sciences I enrolled in many elective subjects ranging from physics and genetics, to economics and finance. It was at this time that I stumbled upon music again. I enrolled in a vocal performance course for non-music majors as a break from my heavy academic course load. My passion for music was rekindled immediately, as I experienced again the joy of singing and performing for my peers. Suddenly my future academic direction seemed much less clear. During my fifth and final year at Brock University, I made the decision for forego application to Medical School, and instead give music the 'old college try'. I enrolled in Music at Western University, and have never looked back.


Under the careful guidance of Dr. Sophie Roland I began to quickly develop my vocal technique from that of a hobby musician to an aspiring professional. In my third year at Western University I had the opportunity to perform my first full operatic role, going on as the understudy for Count Almaviva in Mozart's Le nozzle di Figaro. Upon graduating with an Honours BMus in Vocal Performance, I pursued graduate studies in Opera Performance (MMus) at the University of Toronto under J. Patrick Raftery. At the UofT I was fortunate to have several more academic and professional successes, which prepared me for acceptance to the Calgary Opera Emerging Artist program upon graduation.

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At Calgary Opera I had the incredible opportunity to perform my first professional MainStage roles, and experience the reward of my academic efforts thus far. Despite living over 3000 kilometres away, I still like to think of Calgary Opera as my 'home stage'. Beginning with multiple roles in Puts' Silent Night, and Morales in Carmen, I was able to cut my teeth in both classic and contemporary repertoire. My Calgary Opera EA experience culminated by performing the entire run as the understudy of Frederic in Lakmé in the 2015-2016 season.

With my formal education in Opera behind me, as a young professional I spend much of my time continuing to develop my craft and study privately. Auditioning seems to be the name of the game, but is balanced with odd jobs to pay the short-term bills on my path to becoming a full-time professional opera singer. These days when not performing I split my time living in both Toronto and Niagara Falls.

David Diston Baritone Frederic Lakme

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David Diston Baritone Friends Social

Performing somewhat less frequently as of late has been an adjustment, as I continue to build my reputation as a reliable and talented young singer. However I have been allotted the time to focus on a wider range of pursuits including travel, brushing up on languages, hitting the gym, and most importantly finding new social outlets. Of paramount importance in my life are those who continue to support and encourage me; my family, all of my new friends and colleagues in Opera.

And that's all from me! The website will of course be updated regularly with all my professional goings-on. But if you can't wait, be sure to check out all the 'posts and 'grams by following the links below.


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